July: site creation interface, engine upgrade

Site creation engine finally launched. This site constructor allow certain level of content control and customization, branding - such as custom logotype, header, footer, pages, counters, advertisement, links to external sites. Now you can create and advertise catalog of your own real estate on separate domain - either third-level domain (example) or even your own second level domain (like example.com, londonvacationrentals.ca). Most interesting news: you can try it right now.

Site creation facility has strong search engine optimisation features including custom meta tags for each page and allow WYSIWYG content editing (similar to properties description).

Meanwhile to boost system speed whole database structure was rebuilt - literally every function / module. It will allow to handle virtually unlimited amount of real estate properties, orders, visitors, sites - without noticeable productivity loss. All of this while having absolutely flexible database structure with unlimited amount of data types and fields. Right now this system is in final stage of testing and will be published in the end of July.

Security boosted once again to prevent passwords decoding in case of database leaks: encrypted / hashed passwords stored in separate table and don't have noticeable links to users' accounts so it will take substantial amount of time just to trace which hash is linked to which user. Especially considering big amount of white noise - fake or expired hashes - stored in the same database. This patch will be applied during next week and will not affect user experience (unlike previous patch).

Last stage of booking system is almost completed and also will be published during "great patch week": now (vacation) rental properties will have booking facility along with price calculator and additional / optional services order system (like transfer from airport, ski pass, pansion, guided tours, etc.).

Опубликовано: 2012-07-18 10:27 Pavel Kouznetsov


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